Help Me Fix My Boo-Boo?

Photo of Colorado Mural by Mickey Baxter-Spade

A Simple Little Project Escalated Last month I received an email from someone I had met at a networking event several years ago. The subject line read, “help me fix my boo boo?” Renee explained that she had hung several antique bows that had belonged to her husband’s grandfather on a wall which had a faux […] […]

Wall Pocket Mural

August was yet another busy, creative month on my artistic voyage. I am so blessed to be working with beautiful people. These were the highlights of last month. • Finished murals in the lobby of Dr. Tonia Sabo’s offices in Broomfield, Colorado • Created ideas for signs for The Boutique at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs • […] […]

A Mural of Aspen, Poppies and Daisies

There was a presentiment of fall in the air this morning. The moisture and over-cast skies contributed to the feeling. A perfect morning to sit on the deck and talk to you about a portion of my latest project. Bella and I ventured to Broomfield, CO to create a relaxing atmosphere in the lobby of […] […]

Painting at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs

July was full of painting at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs. This is my seventeenth year painting at the Broadmoor. Although I am only there a few times a year, as I approach the porte cochere at The Broadmoor I am still awestruck by the wonder and beauty of this resort. The month started off with a […] […]

Murals for a Library

Audio Podcast April 20, 2010 Custom Murals of Nursery Rhymes Every project I do tugs at my heart, some more than others. The Cheyenne Mountain Library in Colorado Springs inquired about two mural installations above the book shelves in the Childrens section of their library. They didn’t have a budget for two murals but they were willing […] […]

Floral Ceiling Mural at the Broadmoor Resort

Custom Mural in the Spa at the Broadmoor Resort blog-podcast-april-15-2010 For those of you unfamiliar with the Broadmoor Resort it opened in 1918 and to this day is rated a five-star/five diamond resort, very prestigious, one of three hotels in Colorado with this rating. I can’t say enough about this outstanding first-class resort. They offer year-round […] […]

Decorating with Trompe L’oeil

Hand painted walls are a treasure and Trompe l’oeil which in french means “to fool the eye” is quite often a nice alternative to framed art when accessorizing a small room. In this case to accessorize a small guest bath with an item that looks three dimensional without that item jutting into […] […]

Hand Painted Window Treatment

A Window Treatment that Reflects and Celebrates Your Surroundings Why not bring the outside in? The patio and deck were surrounded by scrub oak, pine trees, flowers and tall grasses. The strong, simple idea of painting scrub oak and ponderosa pine boughs with large pine cones served as my primary inspiration. So down came the heavy […] […]

Mural Embellished Wine Cellar Door

Grapevine Embellishment Over Arched Door One sunny afternoon I was designing a new note card when I received a call from a client who had purchased a loft in a downtown Denver sky rise. He had no idea what subject matter he wanted, just something painted over the arched entry door to the wine cellar. Although the expansive loft […] […]

Trompe L’oeil Mural for a Small Area

A Curious Cat Mural Trompe L’oeilin french means ‘to fool the eye’. In small rooms it can make the area feel larger than it actually is. This mural was painted in a laundry room. Directly below the mural sat the family dog’s dish which makes this even more fun. Outside this window is a flower garden, pines […] […]