Trompe L’oeil Mural for a Small Area

A Curious Cat Mural

Trompe L’oeilin french means ‘to fool the eye’. In small rooms it can make the area feel larger than it actually is. This mural was painted in a laundry room. Directly below the mural sat the family dog’s dish which makes this even more fun.

Curious Cat, mat opening 10.5" x 8", $49

Curious Cat, mat opening 10.5" x 8", $49

Outside this window is a flower garden, pines and hardwood trees. The windows are slightly open allowing for fresh air and, as it seems, a black and white, green-eyed cat has found it’s way in. You never know what kind of critter might find it’s way through an open window in Colorado Springs. (OK, you are going to have to use your imagination here)

Fortunately the cat moves gingerly enough that it didn’t disturb the hanging fern or the potted tulips on the window sill. The woodwork for the window matched the woodwork in the rest of the home.

This artwork can be ordered ready for framing/$49 or as note cards/Box of 8 for $15.

I don’t give a lot of technical information when I write these blogs but I am willing to share info on technique, composition, colors, paints or any other inquiries you might have. Just drop me a line in the comment box.


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