Decorating with Trompe L’oeil

Hand painted walls are a treasure and Trompe l’oeil which in french means “to fool the eye” is quite often a nice alternative to framed art when accessorizing a small room. In this case to accessorize a small guest bath with an item that looks three dimensional without that item jutting into the confines of a small area.

wallpocket, white petunias, decorating small roomsThis  wall pocket was painted across from the commode in a small guest bath. You could see it’s reflection in the mirror as you entered the room. A faux finish, another french word meaning “fake”, was applied in advance to bring out the texture of the wall. The texture attributed to the three dimensional affect of the hand painted metallic bronze wall pocket itself but the texture didn’t help much when painting the detail of the white petunias cascading from the wall pocket.

Seldom do I have the pleasure of painting on smooth walls, when I do, I treasure each simple brush stroke. It truly is a treat not to contend with the texture when painting intricate detail. The wall pocket itself measured eighteen inches across and the delicate white petunias were slightly larger than life.

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