Hand Painted Window Treatment

A Window Treatment that Reflects and Celebrates Your Surroundings

Why not bring the outside in? The patio and deck were surrounded by scrub oak, pine trees, flowers and tall grasses. The strong, simple  idea of painting scrub oak and ponderosa pine boughs with large pine cones served as my primary inspiration. So down came the heavy drapes and in came more sunshine with expanded views. It always is a nice compliment to have a guest walk to the windows and touch the painting and say, “It looks so real.”

Hand painted window treatment - close-up

Hand painted window treatment - close-up

Pine boughs, scrub oak and twigs window treatment

Pine boughs, scrub oak and twigs window treatment

Since moving to the foothills of Colorado Springs the mountains have been a quiet but forceful muse. The contrast of majestic Pikes Peak and the eastern plains have a muted palette which intensifies color whenever color is present. In the plains the simple barrenness can throw simple forms and shapes into high relief.

It was autumn when my husband and I moved into our home on Talon Ridge over looking a peaceful valley where the outcroppings create an interesting juxtaposition to the contemporary homes nestled below them. At dawn, especially in the winter after a snowfall, you see the twinkle of the city lights on the horizon and radiating from the windows of  the homes below. Not unlike a Thomas Kincade painting. You feel like you are a part of something peaceful even though our homes are nestled in the natural habitat of the deer, mountain lion, bear, coyote, etc.

This won’t be my home much longer. Living here has been the best of times and the worst of times. It has certainly been the most beautiful home I’ve lived in and I have lovely neighbors. The worst of times being loosing my husband to cancer. Now it is time to put more energy into the world that advances my dreams, that empowers my life mission and fuels my life purpose.

In order to do all the things I still want to accomplish I need to downsize, simplify my life. I want more time to visit family and friends which will take some traveling to accomplish. And then there are the classes I would like to take, I am open to new people and places that will become a part of my new beginnings – after all, it is spring, a time of new beginnings. A time of new creative ideas for my painting. Happy Spring everyone.


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