A Mural of Aspen, Poppies and Daisies

There was a presentiment of fall in the air this morning. The moisture and over-cast skies contributed to the feeling. A perfect morning to sit on the deck and talk to you about a portion of my latest project. Bella and I ventured to Broomfield, CO to create a relaxing atmosphere in the lobby of Dr. Tonia Sabo’s new offices. Dr. Sabo specializes in Pediatric Neurology, Headache Prevention and Preventative Medicine.

To create this feeling of relaxation we decided to bring the outside in. A cluster of aspen trees with flowers and critters was decided upon prior to our arrival. Sketches had been emailed but the colors were decided after we arrived. Being a Colorado Artist aspen trees are a favorite of many clients.

In order to create a calming effect the colors of the walls, carpet and furnishings needed to be considered when designing the mural. One of the fun parts of painting murals is that you can have any colors appropriate for the area, not necessarily the colors as they appear in nature. For instance, the bark of the aspen trees accents the background/wall color. The purple/eggplant poppies pick up the color of the pillows in the lobby. Dr. Sabo loves flowers and yellow daisies were a favorite so they now grow among the poppies. Then to bring in the teal color of the cushions in the lobby I painted “Mickey Flowers,” flowers I make up as deemed appropriate to the area.

Cluster of aspen trees with flowers and critters

The critters that found a home in this portion of the painting were, a chickadee and she had a choice of a teal birdhouse or a nest, a butterfly who landed on a small broken branch and a little bunny, among the flowers, was trying not to be noticed.

The additional areas I painted were in the lobby of Dr. Sabo’s offices. I’ll tell you about them soon, along with more photos. Answering your questions is always a pleasure. They make the blog posts more interesting for everyone. So please leave a comment or a question.


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