Artist Statement

Forever Flowers

A joyful warmth washes over me as I pick up my brushes. It’s like a child about to go on a bit of a lark. As I paint I sense I am about to get away with something. Something quite special. You see, I am never alone while painting. Playful angels guide my blissful brushes. A slight feeling of guilt tickles my mind knowing only I will get credit for this new creation.
With all that nature has endowed us, flowers intrigued me most. The photographs I take help me to remember the intricacy of the flower. I am awestruck by the magnificence of a single blossom. The sun creates translucent petals and dappled colors of green on leaves. Painting with many layers of translucent color, I work to recreate the delicacy I see. 

Abstract Art

Abstract art has beckoned for many years. It evokes feelings, thoughts, and emotions which direct the form versus catering to a form. Art is not so much about what ends up on the canvas as it is about the process. For me, creativity in any form is an expression of love. Something that connects us all.