Floral Ceiling Mural at the Broadmoor Resort

Custom Mural in the Spa at the Broadmoor Resort


For those of you unfamiliar with the Broadmoor Resort it opened in 1918 and to this day is rated a five-star/five diamond resort, very prestigious, one of three hotels in Colorado with this rating. I can’t say enough about this outstanding first-class resort. They offer year-round outdoor activities including fly-fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, ballooning and more can be arranged through their guest services staff, in addition to fun filled Colorado sightseeing tours. And for entertainment within the hotel they have a live band that plays nearly any kind of music you care to request. The band plays at the Broadmoor Tavern located in Broadmoor Main and has a dance floor for those who want to kick up their heels.

The original artwork which was finished before the hotel opened still can be seen in Broadmoor Main. Another reason this resort is so special is the care taken to preserve their artwork. When asked to create murals for the hotel I wanted to create continuity between the old and the new structures. This floral design is one of over twenty areas I have painted on walls, floors and ceilings at the Broadmoor since 1994.



This ceiling is on the forth level of the Golf Club House. Painting ceilings are torturous on the body but what a feeling of accomplishment once finished. The inspiration for this design came from the gorgeous drapery fabric hanging at the windows of the Quiet Room where one would go to relax after their soothing massage. Believe me, the Broadmoor massage therapists are very good. This particular room overlooks one of three golf courses with a view of the majestic Rocky Mountains in the background.

One of the fun things about painting is that you can have any flower in any color whether or not nature provides it that way. In addition to any flower painted in any color I often paint what some have referred to as “Mickey flowers” which simply means I kind of make them up as I go. They just seem to slip off of my paint brush and adhere themselves to the surface. Not sure who actually paints them but I’m honored when they decide to work through me.

Roses, Lilacs and "Mickey Flowers"

Roses, Lilacs and "Mickey Flowers"

This may have sounded like an advertisement for the Broadmoor Resort and that’s OK. You truly can have an amazing adventure while spending time their. Don’t forget to check out their extraordinary gift shops. You can find my artwork and cards in five of them as well as on my website. When visiting Colorado I do hope you will stop by the Broadmoor, you won’t be disappointed.


As the Broadmoor has gone through many updates, renovations and additions over the past decade, Mickey Baxter’s artistic talents have allowed us to apply the kind of thoughtful art detail that existed throughout the original 1918 resort, as part of our newly added facilities. Her work has been superlative and enjoyed, commented on and photographed by so many of our guests. Additionally, she is a joy to work with.

Steve Bartolin,
President and CEO
Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, CO

I have been associated with Mickey Baxter for the past five years here at the Broadmoor. She has completed art projects for us that include the west tower, west lobby, main hotel guest floors, entry portico ceiling, the hotel bar, pool cabana restaurant and many others. Her creativity, technical expertise and ability to meet fast-paced schedules have made her a valuable asset to all of the projects she has been involved in. Our guests continuously compliment the artwork and our ability to enhance the Broadmoor’s existing collection, while maintaining the high standards set by the original artisans. I have found that Mickey has the ability to match her work to the vernacular of the particular project, from the original 1918 structures to our newly constructed facilities. I highly recommend Mickey as a qualified candidate for any project for which she is being considered.

Terry McHale
Director of Facilities Management
Colorado Springs, CO

It is my pleasure to work with Ms. Mickey Baxter over the last several years. Certainly she is a gifted artist/muralist who has created beautiful images throughout our resort. Because she also has excellent presentational skills, I have asked her to lead several art tours showcasing her works. Guests were thrilled with her talent, knowledge and personal demeanor. We often refer to Ms. Baxter as our artist-in-residence!

Paulette Green,
Director of Concierge
Member Les Clefs d’Or
Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Mickey,

I want to pause and take a moment to reflect on our outstanding work together over the past eight years.

Your combination of talent, insight, craftsmanship, research, character and reliability, all within a package of joy and good cheer, makes you a unique and valued artist on each project and a special collaborator on the design team. Your work at The Broadmoor, Kingsmill and the Wigwam is exceptional, appreciated by ownership and loved by guests. You’ve always given more than was required and with great spirit.

I thank you for your work, for our friendship, for our collaborations, and I look forward to many more.

T.A. Galyean,
The Greenbrier
White Sulphur Springs, WV


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