Decorating with Trompe L’oeil

Hand painted walls are a treasure and Trompe l’oeil which in french means “to fool the eye” is quite often a nice alternative to framed art when accessorizing a small room. In this case to accessorize a small guest bath with an item that looks three dimensional without that item jutting into […] […]

Trompe L’oeil Painting

Trompe L’oeil Wall Pocket Now why would someone want a hand painted wall pocket filled with flowers, in trompe l’oeil style, painted on their wall? Why not just buy a wall pocket and fill it with silk flowers? In this case the area needing embellishment was the wall above the commode in the master bath. My […] […]

Laundry Room Mural

Want to perk up your laundry day? Why not a fun mural in your laundry room. After painting murals in two rooms for my client she asked if I would give her some ideas for her laundry room. She liked the idea of a clothesline with a variety of children’s items that had special meaning for […] […]

Juvenile Jungle Mural

Have you considered an “on-going” mural for a child’s room? This jungle theme mural was a work in progress for several years. You see, my son and his family live in Georgia and I live in Colorado so popping in to paint a mural or add to a mural whenever the mood hits isn’t always an […] […]

Hand Painted Wall Pocket Mural

Murals are one good solution to decorating a small area. In this case the area above the toilet. Although this was not a small master bath my client wanted something that wouldn’t protrude from the wall above the toilet and that he wouldn’t have to dust. After applying a faux finish to the walls, most […] […]

Hand Painted Murals in Small Areas

Wall pockets are a quick, fun, even elegant way of dressing up a small area. This one was done for a client who wanted to hang a piece of art at the end of her garden tub but it wasn’t possible because of a pocket door in that wall. As my eyes roamed the room for […] […]