Hand Painted Murals in Small Areas

Wall pockets are a quick, fun, even elegant way of dressing up a small area. This one was done for a client who wanted to hang a piece of art at the end of her garden tub but it wasn’t possible because of a pocket door in that wall.

As my eyes roamed the room for color, content, etc. I noticed that the room was decorated in yellows, pale gold, soft greens, a bit of pale blue and just a touch of rose. When I suggested the idea a bouquet of yellow daisies in a wall pocket she loved it. Wall pockets can be painted light and airy, full and lush, formal or casual. The container you paint for them can vary greatly.

After finishing the wall pocket my client asked if I might do a few other places throughout the bath area. Towel bars are a natural place for a graceful floral spray.

Freehand wall pocket filled with yellow daisies and some "Mickey flowers".

Freehand wall pocket filled with yellow daisies, some "Mickey flowers" and a little bumble bee.

Floral spray of yellow daisies over towel bar

Floral spray of yellow daisies over towel bar


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