Hand Painted Wall Pocket Mural

Murals are one good solution to decorating a small area. In this case the area above the toilet. Although this was not a small master bath my client wanted something that wouldn’t protrude from the wall above the toilet and that he wouldn’t have to dust. After applying a faux finish to the walls, most of the room was accented with vines with small rose colored flowers – around the mirror, the tub, a walk in shower, light switch plates and towel bars.

This is what I came up with for the area above the toilet. The light and airy feel which is simple in design suited this bath due to the simplicity of the accents in the rest of the room. Do you have a small area you would like ideas for? Under “Categories” in the right column scroll down to “Murals in small rooms” for more ideas. Your comments and questions are welcome. Wishing you beauty everywhere you look.

Wall pocket mural for a small area in a bath.

Wall pocket mural for a small area in a bath.


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