Trompe L’oeil Painting

Trompe L’oeil Wall Pocket

Now why would someone want a hand painted wall pocket filled with flowers, in trompe l’oeil style,  painted on their wall? Why not just buy a wall pocket and fill it with silk flowers? In this case the area needing embellishment was the wall above the commode in the master bath. My client wanted something floral but simple, sophisticated but not over-stated. Something beautiful to look at that wouldn’t collect dust. Hence, a painting over the commode.

Trompe Loeil Wall Pocket

Trompe L'oeil Wall Pocket

The master bath was decorated in neutral colors except for a touch of rose in some of the tiles around the tub and in the shower. The bath had ten foot ceilings so it could handle a tall design that flowed out from the wall pocket itself. I decided to keep the wall pocket neutral so it didn’t take away from the delicate flowers and long flowing leaves cascading from the painted arrangement. The flowers were kept in nearly a bud stage so as not to over-power the area.

When deciding on the size of a container to be painted in a mural, it isn’t so different than deciding on a container for a live bouquet of flowers.  In the case of this wall pocket I preferred not to have the lowest part of the design to be any higher than six to eight inches above whatever was below it. Then work on the flowers and greenery to fill to the proper height. Although the design itself had a “floating” feel to it, it  actually felt grounded because it wasn’t placed too high above the items below it. This works well when hanging framed art as well.  Look at more ideas of mural ideas for small areas.

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  • Bonnie Reaves

    Hi Mickey! I stumbled on your great new website while I was on Facebook. I like how interactive it is.
    I have a new client who is also a wonderful artist. Her creativity just blows me away. Her name is Nadine Sage. If you have time, I think you would enjoy looked at her website. It is Please let me know what you think.
    I’ve been wondering if the Godfredson’s, up the street, lost their wonderful yellow lab, Max. He was getting up there and they told me they didn’t think they would need my services because they take him with them. So I don’t really have a way of finding out.
    Please give kisses to Bella. I hope you are doing well.
    Fondly, Bonnie

    • Hi Bonnie, Max is still be with us, I see him at the bus stop in the AM. Yes, I know Nadine, she does beautiful collage. I love her work too and I really like her as well. Please tell her I said “Hello”.

      Hope you and your mom are doing well, I’m moving, my house sold. Looking for a town home. Lots of stuff to move. 🙁 You must be reading my blog, thanks so much. Bella writes a column in my newsletter. If you would like to check it out just sign up on my website and don’t forget to confirm your subscription by clicking on the return form. A few of the newsletters are on my blog if you would like to check Bella’s Insights. Just click on Categories and scroll down to Newsletters. So glad you got in touch. So funny I thought of you earlier today!

      Take care, Mickey

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