Juvenile Jungle Mural

Have you considered an “on-going” mural for a child’s room? This jungle theme mural was a work in progress for several years. You see, my son and his family live in Georgia and I live in Colorado so popping in to paint a mural or add to a mural whenever the mood hits isn’t always an option. When I do visit I don’t spend as much time painting as I would if I were commissioned by someone. This was the reason for the “on-going” mural.

Our juvenile jungle safari began when Brady was three years old. At this young age he was very sensitive to so many things and he definitely did not like changes to his room. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The mural began with an eight foot tall banana tree with a monkey hanging by his tail while eating a banana.  We called the monkey “Monty the Monkey” so Brady could talk about him. The colors for the mural were kept subtle and soothing because of Brady’s sensitivities. This little jungle safari will continue in the next post.

If you are interested in juvenile murals check out my website for ten different ideas. Ask as many questions as you like, I’m happy to answer.

Traveling to paint has always been a joy. If this is of interest please email mickey@artisticvoyage.com or call 719.260.1440.

Meet Monty the Monkey, Brady and Beau

Meet Monty the Monkey, Brady and Beau


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