Trompe L’oeil Painting

Trompe L’oeil Wall Pocket Now why would someone want a hand painted wall pocket filled with flowers, in trompe l’oeil style, painted on their wall? Why not just buy a wall pocket and fill it with silk flowers? In this case the area needing embellishment was the wall above the commode in the master bath. My […] […]

Mural Embellished Wine Cellar Door

Grapevine Embellishment Over Arched Door One sunny afternoon I was designing a new note card when I received a call from a client who had purchased a loft in a downtown Denver sky rise. He had no idea what subject matter he wanted, just something painted over the arched entry door to the wine cellar. Although the expansive loft […] […]

Columbine & Poppies by Broadmoor Artist Mickey Baxter Spade

Wildflowers in Watercolor I’ve seen it a thousand times but today it’s different. It is as though I see each delicate snow flake falling gracefully onto the already snow-dusted ground. A foggy haze covers the city views. It looks so pristine, even the deer haven’t sauntered by to leave their tracks in the snow. Today is […] […]

Pears in Crystal Watercolor

Another painting finished and framed in time for my Autumn Art & Jewelry Show was my “Pears in Crystal” watercolor. When I was deciding what paintings to showcase as new paintings in my show I wanted a painting whose subject matter was something other than nature, not that pears aren’t nature. This painting is one […] […]

Autumn Art

Wow, it has been a while since I’ve been in touch. I would like to thank everyone who stopped by last weekend to support Kristen and myself at my Autumn Art & Jewelry Show. It was great to see so many friends and I really enjoyed meeting those who were new to our work. The last […] […]

Juvenile Jungle Mural, continued

The juvenile jungle safari continues . . . what animal will appear in the jungle this time? Brady is four years old and could carry on quite a lengthy conversation over the phone. He could dial my number by himself. We would be talking and I would hear something unusual and ask where he was and he […] […]

Hand Painted Iris on Hardwood Floor

The eleven foot purple iris on the aerobic room floor in the Spa at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia came about after I had painted the rose on the aerobic room floor at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado. After hearing of the Broadmoor renovations the Vice President of Kingsmill Resort went to survey the premises . I […] […]

Have You Found Your Passion? continued….

Enjoying the breathtaking beauty of nature has been a special part of my life as long as I can remember. Being a tom-boy I loved climbing trees as a child, to ‘see what I could see’. . . the way the sky changes color from the horizon on up and the formation of clouds. The […] […]

A Thank You to a Supportive Friend

Sometimes we find a friend who is always there when we need them, through good times and trying times. Here is an idea for thanking them with a short thank you note. “Thank you for making such a difference in my life. You’ve been there for me during my most difficult times so willing to listen […] […]

Have You Found Your Passion?

To understand and appreciate the art of an artist, it is important to know about them as a human being. Many things, if not everything, in our life have a residual effect on our behavior, wishes and desires as an adult. Few of us have had the perfect childhood and even fewer have gotten to […] […]