Have You Found Your Passion?

To understand and appreciate the art of an artist, it is important to know about them as a human being. Many things, if not everything, in our life have a residual effect on our behavior, wishes and desires as an adult. Few of us have had the perfect childhood and even fewer have gotten to middle-age without trials and tribulations along the way. It is how we react to the memories of those incidences and whether or not we allow our emotions to control the way we respond to things in the present that can determine, at least in part, our level of happiness. I’m not a psychologist nor do I believe what I think is accurate of everyone’s life. This is just “life according to Mickey”.

There have been many ups and downs in my life but I have noticed that eventually I find what I call “my happy spot” again. At times it has taken so long to reach that place after a difficult time that I began to wonder if I would. After the death of my husband was one of those times.

So why do I paint . . . I believe one of our goals in life is to find happiness and that it can be achieved, in part, by finding and following your passion. Painting has been mine, ceramics, porcelain, acrylics, watercolors, collage, murals and designing greeting cards from my artwork . . . so far. This blog is about my passion, how I got where I am and other whimsy in life.

Someone once asked my mother how long I had been painting. Her response was, “There was never a piece of paper in the house that didn’t have ‘something’ on it signed by Mickey.” I’m still not sure that was said affectionately.

My parents were both creative in there own right. Dad used to restore cars, create life size manger scenes at Christmas and build and fly large model airplanes. At least they seemed large to me at the time. A welder by trade, he created intricate wrought iron railings, bookshelves, etc.

In grade school I remember my mother designing patterns from newspapers then cutting and sewing my sister and my school dresses. Teachers would ask where I got my pretty dresses. I didn’t realize how much talent that actually took until much later in my life.

Do you allow yourself time to paint, sew, cook, sing, play a musical instrument, garden,  or dance?  What is your creative outlet? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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