Have You Found Your Passion? continued….

Enjoying the breathtaking beauty of nature has been a special part of my life as long as I can remember. Being a tom-boy I loved climbing trees as a child, to ‘see what I could see’. . . the way the sky changes color from the horizon on up and the formation of clouds. The sumptuous radiance of color in a flower has always intrigued me. One of the earliest photo of myself is of me holding a stem of hollyhocks. My grandmother and one of my aunts always had hollyhocks. And, if I could find that photo I would insert it right here but I’ve search and can’t put my hands on it.

Growing up life had it’s challenges as does everyone. My dad disappeared when I was ten leaving mom with six children, a newborn to ten years old. The good thing that came of this situation is that my siblings and I are close and it is so Fun when we get together. Each of us has pursued careers of creativity in one form or another.
  • My first sister is a talented hair dresser and makes beautiful stained glass pieces as well as elegant floral arrangements.
  • The older of my two brothers is a tool and die maker, a golfer with a four handy-cap and he makes golf clubs for himself and his friends.
  • My younger brother is a meticulous stone mason who has reconstructed old stone bridges and other projects most stone masons didn’t want to take on.
  • The second sister does remarkable scrap booking and refinishes furniture and is an avid gardener.
  • Sister number three is a seamstress and has home-schooled four sons who have gone on to college. She and her husband buy and remodel homes.
  • And me, Mickey Baxter-Spade, the Broadmoor Artist, I’m the one who loves to draw and paint just about anything from wall murals to face painting.

Can you guess in which dacade this was taken?!?
Can you guess in which decade this was taken?!?


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