Juvenile Jungle Mural, continued

The juvenile jungle safari continues . . . what animal will appear in the jungle this time? Brady is four years old and could carry on quite a lengthy conversation over the phone.  He could dial my number by himself. We would be talking and I would hear something unusual and ask where he was and he would say something like, “I’m walking in our yard looking at stuff while I’m talking to you.”

One of my favorite stories is of my daughter-in-law shopping with Brady and his little brother Beau. While standing in the checkout lane a lady behind them noticed Brady’s hat which had a soccer ball on it. She asked him if he liked soccer and he says, “yes.” She proceeded to tell him that she had just decorated her sons room with a ball theme. Well, Brady being quite knowledgeable about decorating boys rooms by now says, “Oh, my room is a jungle thing.”  Well, that looses a lot in print but it made me chuckle at the time.

You must have similar stories about your kids or grand kids. Why don’t you share them in the comment box.

One evening I received a call. With great excitement Brady says, “Gramma Mickey, Gramma Mickey I know what I want you to paint the next time you come.” The conversation went something like this . . .

Me: “Well Brady, what would that be?”

Brady” “Gramma Mickey I want a ZEBRA!”

Me: “Oh, are you sure you want a zebra?”

Brady: “Yes Gramma Mickey, a ZEBRA!”

Me: “Brady, do you mean one of those animals with ALL   THOSE    STRIPES?”

Brady: “YES!”

Me: “Wouldn’t you rather have a big elephant?”

Brady: “No Gamma Mickey, I want an zebra.”

Me: “How about a panda?”

Brady: “I need a zebra.”

Me: “Oh Brady, I would love to paint a zebra in your room.”

Brady with Zeb the Zebra.

Brady with Zeb the Zebra.

Brady called as I was finishing this post. (What are the odds?) He is now thirteen years old. When I told him I was writing about his jungle he reminded me that I had taught him how to paint the blades of grass near the zebra’s feet. He couldn’t remember all the animals’ names but he remembered helping me paint.

Do you have memories of doing something special with your kids or grand kids?  Have they reminded you of something special to them that you have forgotten?


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