Morning Pages vs Mourning Pages

Julia Cameron is one of my favorite authors. In previous posts, I have spoken of Julia’s practice of writing Morning Pages. Below is a short video, just a bit over 2 minutes, of Julia explaining why this writing results in such positive changes in one’s life. I must say when I don’t let anything distract me […] […]

A Special Garden

In the Studio In July of 2015, I had the pleasure of painting for one of my favorite interior designers, Gina Lane-Olsson, in Colorado Springs. The owners of the home were delightful and I would be painting a mural full of flowers. To top it off, Little Bella was invited to join me! It just doesn’t […] […]

A Fresh Look from A New Place

Greetings from luscious, flowering, humid Georgia. Bella and I made the trek from Colorado to Georgia and what an adventure it has been. There are many things to love about Georgia (besides my younger son and grandsons). There is an impressive display of flowers and flowering trees nearly year round. The architecture is like something […] […]

What will the This Year Bring You?


Questions to Ask Yourself for a Better Year

Things to ponder • Things to implement An Incredible Gift from Louise Hay What shall I now release from my life? What or who no longer works for me? What am I holding on to that holds me back? What thoughts or beliefs belong to the old me? How am I being unloving to myself? What do I believe that really works for […] […]

July Newsletter

Being Thankful for All That Was This is the third post in the series of my experiences after reading and completing the exercises in Julia Cameron’s books, The Artist Way and The Vein of Gold. To reiterate this all took place in the mid to late 1990’s. Continuing to do many of the exercises from The Artist […] […]

Help Me Fix My Boo-Boo?

Photo of Colorado Mural by Mickey Baxter-Spade

A Simple Little Project Escalated Last month I received an email from someone I had met at a networking event several years ago. The subject line read, “help me fix my boo boo?” Renee explained that she had hung several antique bows that had belonged to her husband’s grandfather on a wall which had a faux […] […]

Something to Ponder


June Newsletter

Discovering that Vein of Gold Our Artist Way and The Vein of Gold (VOG) group met and studied Julia’s Cameron’s work years ago. Perhaps I should have reviewed The Vein of Gold before writing but I chose to write from memory. In retrospect the assignments in The VOG made me dig deeper than ever before but […] […]

Art for Charity

Silent Auction of Over 125 Original Paintings My home town of Huntington, IN has an annual event to raise funding for the Arts in Education program sponsored by the LaFontaine Arts Council. Well over 100 canvases have been donated for JeFFFest on June 22, 2014. The silent bidding is held at Four Corners Custom Framing June […] […]