September 2010 Newsletter

Artistic Voyage: News from Mickey September, 2010 Happy colorful, glistening fall! There is a bitter-sweetness to this time of year. The thought of waning summer days could make me a bit melancholy if it weren’t for the anticipation of the stunning fall foliage and crisp cool evenings of autumn. Living in the foothills of Pikes Peak I am […] […]

August 2010 Newsletter

Artistic Voyage: News from Mickey August, 2010   We take on so many roles and it gets complicated and crowded. My life has always been full. I have kept it that way because that is what I thought was “normal.” It has become abundantly clear to me how important to my creativity it is to be quiet and […] […]

Hand Painted Window Treatments

It was autumn when we moved in, I’m sure that influenced the colors I chose for fabrics and the hand painted window treatments. Outside there were scrub oak sporting leaves in warm glorious hues of gold and splendid, deep reds with touches of green. The pine trees made a wonderful contrast with their glorious long, green pine […] […]

The Mural in the Chapel

So very blessed am I. . . after receiving a call from the Chaplain at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs asking if I would consider a small mural project for their Chapel, we met, sat in the Chapel and talked about the things they envisioned for the entire area. The area to be hand painted […] […]

10 Ways to a Great Presentation

It was now October and by this time I had read the three books on public speaking I had purchased in March. As was suggested I had practiced in front of a mirror for months and was still apprehensive about speaking in front of so many designers. How do you feel about speaking in front of […] […]

Simple Brushstrokes on Furniture

Impromptu painting isn’t my forte (Do you know what I mean?) but it so happened I had with me the items I needed to paint the two pieces of furniture, a sanding block, tack rag and I would be using the same colors that I had used for the quote above the double entry doors to the master […] […]

A Quote for a Master Bedroom

As I was finishing the painting in the kitchen I was asked to look at the master bedroom. The home owner had a favorite quote that she wanted painted over the double entry doors to the bedroom. After measuring the space it was back to my studio to decide on letter styles, color, size and a little something […] […]

Painterly Accents for a Kitchen

One evening I received a call from a woman who was wanting ideas to make her kitchen feel warmer and more inviting. In our meeting the following week we decided that adding accents in strategic areas would solve her problem. Her kitchen was neutral except for wallpaper up to the chairrail level beside the table. She was […] […]

Coordinating Wall Designs to Fabric

Continuing My Story . . . After returning from Indianapolis I made calls on design firms in Fort Wayne which was much closer to where I lived. One designer asked if I would do some painting at a parade of home site. Showing me a fabric sample for draperies that were to be hung in the dining area […] […]

Jenny’s Favorite Things

Tomorrow I will back talking about “My Voyage to Painting Murals, again.” Today I thought I would interject a fun little painting project. Earlier today I met with a potential client and wanted to refer her to my website to see this room but realized I hadn’t posted photos to my website yet. Jenny was seven […] […]