Coordinating Wall Designs to Fabric

Continuing My Story . . .

After returning from Indianapolis I made calls on design firms in Fort Wayne which was much closer to where I lived.  One designer asked if I would do some painting at a parade of home site. Showing me a fabric sample for draperies that were to be hung in the dining area of the Parade of Home, she said she would like to take the design from the draperies and do a similar design in the foyer. I’m thinking no problem and we scheduled a meeting for 10 A.M. next morning.

That evening I received a call from another designer from Fort Wayne asking if I would paint in a Parade of Home site for her. She said she wanted to pick up the design in the draperies in the dining area and do something in the foyer to tie the look together. The only time she had available was 9 A.M. Hmmmmm. Do you see where this is going?

The next day I drive to the Parade of Home site. The designer for my 9 A.M. appointment pulled up behind my car and asked if she could help carry my portfolio. Each of us holding a handle to my portfolio I looked up and noticed the number on the house we were entering was directly beside the house where my ten o’clock appointment was to be. Not a good feeling. Who would have guessed they would be next to each other?
Not knowing how I was going to handle this, I decided to tell her about the other house. She stopped dead in her tracks. (I’m thinking I really blew this one.) She said, “Well, the builder didn’t want to do this anyway, I talked him into it. Since we’re here, let’s go in.” Can you imagine what my stomach feels like at this point?!? Any idea what happens next?


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