The Mural in the Chapel

So very blessed am I. . . after receiving a call from the Chaplain at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs asking if I would consider a small mural project for their Chapel, we met, sat in the Chapel and talked about the things they envisioned for  the entire area. The area to be hand painted was between two stained glass windows and a light illuminated the area as though a mural had been in their plans from the beginning. The Chaplain had no preconceived idea for the painting but thought scenery would be nice. Have you had a time when you felt so honored just to be asked to help someone create a special environment for someone troubled or hurting?

The colors in the small chapel dictated my pallet and it was important that the feeling one would have while in the area was that of peacefulness and tranquility. The only element of concern was that it needed to be finished in just a few days which dictated how much detail could be added.

Memorial Hospital Chapel Mural

Memorial Hospital Chapel Mural


Mickey, I wanted you  to know about your painting in the Chapel at Memorial Hospital. We hold an interdemoninational Christian service each Monday at 11:30. It’s a very short service…only 15 minutes and it’s open to anyone who is at the hospital. Last week a person joined the service and after the service the individual said the path on your painting is the path their child has walked since entering the hospital. Evidently the child has been hospitalized several times for a variety of illnesses and the person said the child started at the beginning of the path, wound their way through various challenges on the path and they are currently past the first trees and moving upward on the path. As the parent spoke, they walked the path with their fingers. They said they spend many hours in the Chapel looking and meditating on the path in your painting. You and the work you do gives people a path to follow…a path of Spirit and of hope! What a preciou s gift.

With my appreciation and love,

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