Happy Spring!

Well, Spring is nearly here. The flowers are beginning to peek through the soil in a few areas of Colorado Springs. New beginnings is what Spring is all about for me. Time for clearing out the old and adding or just rearranging a few pieces of art and adding fresh flowers can give your home […] […]

Gifts for Tennis Fans

Why would a muralist paint a bumble bee in nearly all her murals? The story behind this question began over fifteen years ago. While I was busy getting word out that I had a passion for painting murals I also needed an income. My graphic design background came in handy. One day while meeting with a […] […]

Snow Covered Cardinals Christmas Card

Painting birds has always brought me joy and cardinals are certainly one of my favorite birds. Adding them to murals has always been fun, especially in Colorado since they don’t live here. I find people from the midwest usually miss seeing them and they have actually asked me to add them to their murals. Two little […] […]

Writing a Thank You to Friends

Have you ever had guests so incredible that you were sad to see them go? Well, I have. Here is an idea for a few words to put into your thank you note to them. Dear . . . It was such a treat having you here. Having someone take over the kitchen and do the […] […]

Hand Written Note Cards, A Thing of the Past?

Does receiving a hand written note make you feel special? Are you impressed by someone who would take the time to physically write you note? Well I’ve heard from different sources that hand written cards are making a come back! Recently I had a coach tell me how she encourages here clients to send hand written […] […]

A Thank You for Inspiring Me

A quick little note for someone who inspires you. “Thank you for making me feel so special. Your thoughts and ideas inspire me. It is rare to find a friend who understands me and my goals so well.” I hope you are fortunate enough to have people in your life who inspire and encourage you. This card […] […]

A Thank You Card for the Perfect Gift

Continuing with my series on Thank You notes, today I thought I would write to someone who may have given the perfect gift. Here is an idea for that special person. “Dear Sarah, Thank you for such a perfect gift. Your gift basket of comforting bath salts, teas, candles, a book of poetry, a selection of […] […]

A Note for a Special Person

Thank you notes aren’t just for the recipient, you know. They give the sender a warm fuzzy feeling as well. Here is an idea for thanking someone for supporting you when you are feeling challenged. “Dear Jan, Life has a way of bringing to us the most wonderful people, you being one of the dearest. When I […] […]

Greeting Cards for Thanksgiving

Autumn and all its splendor is such a glorious time of year. Colors of green, gold, burgundy, warm browns, yellow, orange, and red fill the landscape. The Colorado Aspens, interspersed among the tall pines on the mountainside, have brilliant golden leaves in the fall and with the slightest breeze they seem to glisten in the sunlight. This really […] […]