Happy Spring!

Well, Spring is nearly here. The flowers are beginning to peek through the soil in a few areas of Colorado Springs.  New beginnings is what Spring is all about for me. Time for clearing out the old and adding or just rearranging a few pieces of art and adding fresh flowers can give your home or officestudio a fresh new look. Ahhhh.

Spring is a great time to send someone a fun little greeting card to let them know you’ve been thinking of them. I love that feeling after I’ve taken the time to write a quick note to someone special. The anticipation of them opening it always brings a smile to my face as I drop it in the mail box. When was the last time you sat down with a cup of coffee or tea, pen and paper and wrote to someone dear to your heart? Below is an idea for a note to a friend.

Title of original painting for this card is, "How did you get in here?"

Here is an idea for a note to a friend who loves gardening or change it to read what fits your friend’s interests. Short notes are fine, it’s the thought that counts. I have a little book by William Strunk and E.B. White (who wrote Charlotte’s Web) the pages are yellowed from age, in  the book Mr. White ends one of his letters with an apology to the recipient  for the length of the letter; he said, “if I’d had more time, it would have been shorter.”

Sample letter:

“Dear Joan,

Thoughts of you have been popping into my head of late. With Spring just around the corner memories of your beautiful, abundant flower gardens warm my heart. Your love of nature along with your creative design talents make visiting your home a treat to all who stop by. I’m sure you are busy planning the annuals you will be adding to your flower beds this year. Hope to see you soon.

All my best to you and Evan for a fun-filled Spring.”

For even more information on writing notes please visit a dear customer of mine, Elizabeth Cottrel at Heartspoken where you can sign up for a free download of tips on how to write notes that encourage and inspire.


4 comments to Happy Spring!

  • Oh, Mickey, you are singing my song! I love the image of sitting down with a cup of coffee, pen and paper! Indeed, that is exactly the way to approach writing a note — like sitting across the table from them. I’m going to order some more of your notes right now.

  • Hello Elizabeth, you are such a joy. Thank you for commenting and here’s to a spring filled with beauty all around you.

  • Love your work. I am impressed by the variety of products you are supplying – it is inspirational to say the least. I really enjoyed my tour of your website. So glad to see you on Artsy Shark.

    • Nice to meet you Marsha. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for letting me know how you found me. I checked out your website. You have a lovely, unique style of painting, really enjoyed your paintings and your website, retweated it! Best to you in all your endeavors.

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