Hand Written Note Cards, A Thing of the Past?

Does receiving a hand written note make you feel special? Are you impressed by someone who would take the time to physically write you note? Well I’ve heard from different sources that hand written cards are making a come back!

Recently I had a coach tell me how she encourages here clients to send hand written cards. Although it is always nice to receive any card in the mail it makes me feel very special if someone actually takes a few minutes to write me a note.

Here is an article on hand written thank you notes by Fast Company, they actually use them in-house to boost moral. If they can boost the moral or fellow employees, imagine how a close friends and business associates will feel.

Below is one of my Colorado greeting cards appropriate for a man or a woman. It fits a business size envelope, convenient for enclosing a contract or check. This card may be purchased from my website for $4.95 each or you can order a box of eight for $15 by emailing me at mickey@artisticvoyage.com.

The original paintingwas a commissioned piece and measures 40″ tall and 30″ wide. Upon completion of the original artwork my client asked if I could add his Jack Russel Terrier to his painting. That is one of the fun things about what I do. A painting can be made very personal to each client. Giclees of this painting are available for purchase from my website.

This is an idea for writing a thank you note to someone who has just given a presentation to your organization.

“Dear . . .

Thank you for your recent presentation to our networking group. Your views on business and outsourcing were timely and informative. The audience was totally engaged. We look forward to having you back in the future. “

#250 Secluded Aspen Grove greeting card. Beautiful Colorado Scene

#250 Secluded Aspen Grove greeting card. Beautiful Colorado Scene


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