Gifts for Tennis Fans

Why would a muralist paint a bumble bee in nearly all her murals? The story behind this question began over fifteen years ago. While I was busy getting word out that I had a passion for painting murals I also needed an income. My graphic design background came in handy.

One day while meeting with a desktop publishing client who was also a friend I took a phone call from a woman inquiring about my murals. Normally I would not take a call while with a client but we had pretty much finished and he insisted. During the course of that conversation the woman asked if I had formal training for what I do. My response was, “No, I’m self-taught” and she didn’t have a problem with that. After finishing the conversation I hung up the phone and commented to my friend, “Wow, at one time in my life I would have been embarrassed to say I had no formal training for painting murals.”

My friend responded with this question, “Oh, kind of like a bumble bee, huh?” I said, “What do you mean?” He answered, “Well, aerodynamically a bumble bee should not be able to fly but somehow he does.” Since that moment I began painting a bumble bee in nearly all my murals as a reminder to follow my dreams no matter what.

Quite often a client will ask if I will paint a bee in their mural. On the few occasions when I have forgotten I usually get a phone call saying they can’t find the bee. I always go back to add the bee.

When I began designing greeting cards I decided to do a series of Happy Bumble Bees. Tennis is one of my favorite sports so I painted this frisky little tennis bee. This Tennis Bumble Bee print makes a great gift. He comes in a bright yellow mat measuring 8″ x 8″ to the outside of the mat. Inside dimensions are 4″ x 4″. Custom framing is available.

Tennis bumble bee, 4" x 4" matted. Fits an 8" x 8" frame.

Tennis bumble bee, 4" x 4" matted. Fits an 8" x 8" frame.

Well thought out gifts are nearly always appreciated. A great stocking stuffer for a tennis fan might be a box of eight Tennis note cards. You never know when you might need to send a card to a fellow team mate or just someone you know enjoys tennis. Little things like a hand written note can make a person feel very special especially if you can tie it in to something they enjoy.

"Bee Courageous" Tennis Note Card, 5" x 4.25" Box of Eight $15

"Bee Courageous" Tennis Note Card, 5" x 4.25" Box of Eight $15

We are happy to drop ship your orders to those on your gift buying list. And for those really “difficult to buy for people” on your Christmas list, consider a Gift, art gift certificates

Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season!


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