Making Cold Calls

My instructors reaction to my painting was encouraging enough that I made those cold calls that most of hate so much. The town I lived in was very small and I felt this idea would be better suited to a large city. The city I chose was one hundred miles from me but my gut feeling was it would be a better fit. Being very young I didn’t know protocal for making appointments. After a few more designs in my portfolio I checked the yellow pages and drove to a large design firm in Indianapolis. My thought was that a large firm would have a larger and perhaps a higher end clientele. I wanted to start at the top. 


Jane Tillery not only had a beautiful design studio with furniture and accessaries but it was her own little strip mall with a paint center, wallpaper area and other related stores. Dressed in my suit and heels I approached the assistant asking if I could have a few minutes of her time. She didn’t understand what I was wanting so she checked out a few of my designs and scheduled me for two weeks later.  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, an hour and a half drive and I had to make an appointment. A lesson learned. Have you had a similar experience? Tell me about it.


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