Juvenile Jungle Mural, continued

Continuing my on little safari in Georgia, as my imagination would have it, “Toby the Toucan and Gerry the Giraffe ” were born. My daughter-in-law, whom by the way has become the daughter I never had, had taken the window coverings down in Brady’s room and had left the blinds for privacy. My thought naturally went to continuing the jungle mural and create a painted window treatment. She loved the idea.

Simple leafy branches were painted above the windows to form a visual  canopy over and the window and wouldn’t you know, colorful “Toby the Toucan” appeared on one of the branches and Gerry the Giraffe was nibbling leaves on the opposite side of the window. In keeping with the feel of the room they were done in a childlike design which could last into Brady’s young school years and then it would become Beau’s room.

Brady's window treatment with Toby the Toucan and Gerry the Giraffe.

Brady's window treatment with Toby the Toucan and Gerry the Giraffe.

Note: The idea for painted window treatments began after talking with a client whose son had severe allergies. My client didn’t want fabric at the windows because of the dust that would collect on them but she didn’t like the stark look of only blinds at the windows so she called me for suggestions.

There will be another addition to Brady’s Jungle Safari in my next post. You must have similar stories about your children or grandchildren. Why don’t you share them in the comment box.

Brady and Beau beside Gerry the Giraffe

Brady and Beau beside Gerry the Giraffe


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