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Creativity has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether trying to capture the beauty of nature in a watercolor or creating flowing designs with sumptuous color in an abstract or collage, the intrigue never wains.

Surrounding myself with fine art and fine art prints I love to look at and that inspire feelings of contentment and joy has proven to improve my quality of life. Whatever life brings my way somehow being surrounded by beauty makes anything a bit more palatable.

For me a still-life painting usually relaxes me, a floral makes me smile at the wonder of a flower’s radiant color and intricacies. Abstracts evoke many different emotions depending on color choices and composition. Most of the abstracts I have on my walls make me feel “Happy”. I think these are delicious.

"Collage Triad"

"Collage Triad"

Along with the fine art I do like to add a bit of whimsy. This is one of my first watercolor paintings appropriately entitled “A Leap of Faith“. The little toad is ready to jump out of the picture to anywhere life might lead him.

"A Lea of Faith"

"A Leap of Faith"

One little thing I have left from my many years of teaching freehand design on ceramics and porcelain in my twenties and thirties is this silly little goose. It peeks over the ledge above my tub. On days that are going to be hectic I opt to start it as relaxed as I can. So I get up early and soak in a relaxing tub of bubbles and when I look up at Lucy Goosey, well, what can I say, she always makes me smile.

"Lucy Goosey" peaking over ledge

"Lucy Goosey" peaking over ledge

What do you do to add a bit of whimsy to your life? Do you have something in your decorating scheme that brings a smile to your face each time you look at it? Life is much to short to be taking it too seriously, don’t you think?

Quote: “I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.” Martha Washington


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