January 2012 Newsletter

A Simple Request—A Fantastic Holiday Surprise! A friend called just before the holidays asking if I could paint glass Christmas ornaments. She wanted 30 for friends, family and co-workers—a tall order in a short time frame. I’ve often painted on glass so it seemed easy enough. It wasn’t quite as easy as I thought by the […] […]

Hand Painted Iris on Hardwood Floor

The eleven foot purple iris on the aerobic room floor in the Spa at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia came about after I had painted the rose on the aerobic room floor at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado. After hearing of the Broadmoor renovations the Vice President of Kingsmill Resort went to survey the premises . I […] […]

Writing a Thank You to a Business Associate

Sometimes in our life we are fortunate enough to have friends and mentors who are willing to voice honest opinions about our businesses, to share things that have worked for them or refer you to someone who can help further your business. When you care enough to send a hand written thank you card you […] […]

Painting a Southwest Mural at The Wigwam Resort

When asked to paint at The Wigwam Resort in Arizona I was thrilled. This meant new subject matter and I hadn’t painted many cactus. Part of the enjoyment of a new project is the research I do to familiarize myself with the area, indigenous plants and local fauna. My subject matter was to be southwest/desert. The […] […]

Broadmoor Makeover on the Golf Course

Several years ago I received a call from the President of the Broadmoor Resort asking if I could paint “something” in the women’s restrooms on their Golf Course. It seems the owner’s wife had made the request and he thought maybe “some simple vines or something”. After looking at the restrooms simple vines would not […] […]

Thank You for Caring Greeting Cards

It is always nice to let someone know how much you appreciate their friendship. Say it with vibrant color and in your own hand writing. Here is an idea for what you might say in your next special thank you card. “Thank you for your sincere caring. Your laughter is contagious and just when I need […] […]

Personalized Cards

This blog entry is about the personalized cards ArtisticVoyage designs for businesses as well as individuals. Wholesale pricing is available for orders over $150 . Personalized cards are printed on a textured, glossy, white stock that is very elegant. Here are a few of the cards designed for one of my clients with a testimonial following. […] […]

The Mural in the Chapel

So very blessed am I. . . after receiving a call from the Chaplain at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs asking if I would consider a small mural project for their Chapel, we met, sat in the Chapel and talked about the things they envisioned for the entire area. The area to be hand painted […] […]

Children’s Murals

This mural belongs to Will’s (previous post) sister who is do to arrive in May. This time Mom and Dad didn’t have specific ideas for the theme of the mural other than Mom knew she wanted a white tree. The baby’s furniture was white and the walls a pale, warm tan with white trim so […] […]