Painting at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs

July was full of painting at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs. This is my seventeenth year painting at the Broadmoor. Although I am only there a few times a year, as I approach the porte cochere at The Broadmoor I am still awestruck by the wonder and beauty of this resort. The month started off with a […] […]

Hand Painted Window Treatment

A Window Treatment that Reflects and Celebrates Your Surroundings Why not bring the outside in? The patio and deck were surrounded by scrub oak, pine trees, flowers and tall grasses. The strong, simple idea of painting scrub oak and ponderosa pine boughs with large pine cones served as my primary inspiration. So down came the heavy […] […]

Trompe L’oeil Mural for a Small Area

A Curious Cat Mural Trompe L’oeilin french means ‘to fool the eye’. In small rooms it can make the area feel larger than it actually is. This mural was painted in a laundry room. Directly below the mural sat the family dog’s dish which makes this even more fun. Outside this window is a flower garden, pines […] […]

Juvenile Jungle Mural

Have you considered an “on-going” mural for a child’s room? This jungle theme mural was a work in progress for several years. You see, my son and his family live in Georgia and I live in Colorado so popping in to paint a mural or add to a mural whenever the mood hits isn’t always an […] […]

Hand Painted Window Treatments

It was autumn when we moved in, I’m sure that influenced the colors I chose for fabrics and the hand painted window treatments. Outside there were scrub oak sporting leaves in warm glorious hues of gold and splendid, deep reds with touches of green. The pine trees made a wonderful contrast with their glorious long, green pine […] […]

Simply Painted Window Treatments

My starting point for this project was flowers. My client loves flowers but in particular orchids. In fact, she gave me my first orchid. My personal goal is to have at least one orchid blooming at all times in my home. If I find I have none blooming I begin my search and usually come […] […]