Writing a Thank You Note for a Gourmet Dinner Invitation

Giving someone the courtesy of a thank you note after having dinner at their home is always appreciated. Here is an idea of what you might say.

“Dear  . . .

Dinner was absolutely perfect. Your gourmet meal was incredibly delicious and you attention to detail is unsurpassed. The entire evening was divine.

Thank you for inviting us.”

Here is a fine note card perfect for just such an occasion. It’s understated, yet sophisticated.

#136, 5.5" x 4.25", Shadowed Tulip, Box of 8/$15 or Box or 16/$25

#136, 5.5" x 4.25", Shadowed Tulip, Box of 8/$15 or Box or 16/$25

In a recent newsletter from art coach, Alyson Stanfield, she referenced a recent article on hand written cards http://snipurl.com/u2inh Whether you are sending a card to a friend or business associate Alyson suggests using your postal system! Sending stuff in the regular mail will help you stand out. Personally writing a note will impress them even more.  You’ll be diversifying your delivery and content while keeping your name in front of people.

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My son works at the post office in Indiana, he will appreciate it too!


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