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February, 2010

Creating an environment around you that you enjoy and are proud to be in elevates your creative process and makes you proud to entertain friends and clients. You can buy art to fill space on your walls or you can purchase art that defines you and your surroundings. Art provides endless ways to customize
your home or office.

What I’ve been up to

As I was painting this piece entitled Crimson Grace, for my 2009 Autumn Art & Jewelry Show, I had planned much more detail. The longer I painted the more I realized how much I enjoyed the simplicity of the graceful stems and colorful blooms. It seemed to me that less, in the case, really would be more.

Although this painting is sophisticated and a bit pretentious due to its size, the look is clean.

Poppies add a punch to any room. The freedom of complexity in this painting presents a subtle elegance where ever it is hung. The right painting can transform an interior, imbuing it with character and individuality.

Bella’s Insights

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody! Mom finished a one of my favorite paintings this month. She will probably show it to you next month, just a hint: she painted a whole lot of Colorado’s state flower and guess what else . . .poppies. I like poppies.

Well, I’m sure most of you don’t know that mom and I play pinochle just about every Tuesday night. I have lots of friends at pinochle. We usually play at Clare’s house.
Clare let me spend Christmas with her this year while mom was off visiting family. Clare takes really good care of me and sometimes Mitzie gets to stay too. Mitzie is a Schnauzer, quite sophisticated and She Rules. She’s actually pretty nice, for a dog.

Sometimes I get in a little, or not so little, trouble at pinochle. Like the time Darryl was keeping score and he just happened to put his pencil and score pad on the floor. I couldn’t help it, I just couldn’t help it, it was entirely too tempting. “Stealth Bella” came out and took it. She loves crunchy things.
By the time they caught her it was gone, well with the exception of the metal part. Mom calls that the $180 pencil. You see I wasn’t feeling very well the next morning, ended up at that vet, not my favorite place. Not quite sure why mom was so upset, she wasn’t the one being poked and prodded. This is Darryl’s wife Eileen, I always look forward to their hugs and pats.

Ta Ta for Now!


“Have enough courage to trust Love one more time. And always
one more time.”
Maya Angelou

February 14 is also:National Have a Heart Day
Examine your diet’s effect on the health of your heart as well as the environment.

Vegetarian Awareness Network.Read to Your Child Day
Motto: Show your kids you love them: Read to them!

February 23
Tennis DayWalter
Wingfield of Pimlico, England patented lawn tennis in 1874

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