Update that Resume

As a follow-up to an earlier post entitled “Be Fearless”, I did get the commission for the painting in the Birthing Operating rooms in a local hospital. Still, it amazes me the care they give to assure the comfort of their patients and staff. To learn more about this special hospital and its services read the earlier blog posting.

When approached to paint these rooms I was asked to lie on the operating tables so that I could see the areas the patient would be looking at. After doing this I realized the patient would only see the ceiling and about three feet down the walls. With all the lighting and panels on the ceiling a border on the walls seemed to be the best solution.

The design was a real joy to do because I just marked the lowest level to paint to with a few pieces of tape, decided on centers and then painted what came into my head. What a treat. The colors of the design complimented the wall color and the flowing, freehand design was soothing. Birds, bugs, and butterflies added a bit of whimsey. Click on photos to enlarge.


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