Bella and Bailey on Halloween


Ohhhh, what next?!?

Ohhh, what next?!?

Halloween has come and gone but I couldn’t help but share these pics of Bella and her new friend, Bailey. Bailey and Bella walk several times a week and Bella finally lets Bailey get within a few inches of her. What an improvement over the way she used to charge at every dog in sight only run behind me if a dog made a move toward her. Bailey is a sweetie who only tries to give her kisses. She still isn’t open to that.

Is this really necessary?

Is this REALLY necessary?


As I was taking this picture a neighbor driving by saw us and put her window down and said, “Mickey, I’m getting a little concerned about you.” (In reference to Bella being dressed as a Princess.) In response I said, “Perhaps you should be!?!”  Fortunately for our pets, holidays don’t come more frequently.  

Bella and friends

Bella and friends

Just so no one thinks I have totally “lost it”. Bailey and Bella dressed for Halloween for neighbor girls who look forward to seeing them each morning while waiting for their school bus.


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