Happy Spring!

Well, Spring is nearly here. The flowers are beginning to peek through the soil in a few areas of Colorado Springs. New beginnings is what Spring is all about for me. Time for clearing out the old and adding or just rearranging a few pieces of art and adding fresh flowers can give your home […] […]

A Special Birthday Greeting

Just a quick post to share a new 5″ x 7″ Birthday card. It’s fun and full of happy hues from one of my more playful watercolors. Paper has an elegant leather texture, envelope is a high quality 60# white with square flap. Box of 6 cards/7 envelopes/$15 or sold separately $5 each. Happy birthday […] […]

Is the Gift Industry Keeping Bookstores Afloat?

Kate Harper had another interesting article a while back. For those who think greeting cards are becoming a thing of the past, read this and check out the links. Her newsletter read: I recently listened to an excellent interview on Kindle Chronicles podcast, with Neil Strandberg, manager of operations at Denver’s renowned Tattered Cover […] […]

Writing a Thank You to a Business Associate

Saying “Thanks for a Job Well Done” is always appropriate. To follow is an idea of what you might say to someone who has done a great job on their presentation. “Hello . . . As anticipated your presentation was fabulous. Sandy had mentioned you were good with colors and I concur. Thank you for your […] […]

Bumble Bees in Watercolor

Another new decade is in the making and I want to wish you a magical 2010 full of love, joy, good health, prosperity and glorious new beginnings. I celebrate you and all that you do. This happy little Bumble Bee was a delight to create, it still makes me smile. He seems to be saying, “Yippee!” […] […]

A New Card for Breast Cancer Awareness

At a time when money is tight for most of us, charities are feeling the pinch even more. A small donation from lots of people makes a huge difference. Won’t you consider a purchase of eight boxed cards for only $15 + $4.50 priority shipping to help find a cure for this decease? 10% of […] […]

Writing a Thank You to a Business Associate

Sometimes in our life we are fortunate enough to have friends and mentors who are willing to voice honest opinions about our businesses, to share things that have worked for them or refer you to someone who can help further your business. When you care enough to send a hand written thank you card you […] […]

A Thank You for Kind Deeds

Here is suggested text for a thank you note for someone who has done kind deeds for you and/or your family. “It is difficult to find the right words to express the appreciation for all you’ve done. Your kind deeds were comforting during Bob’s illness. Since his passing you continue to put a smile on my […] […]

A Thank You to a Supportive Friend

Sometimes we find a friend who is always there when we need them, through good times and trying times. Here is an idea for thanking them with a short thank you note. “Thank you for making such a difference in my life. You’ve been there for me during my most difficult times so willing to listen […] […]

Writing a Congratulatory Note

Everyone eventually will need a congratulatory note and what can be more fun than acknowledging a friend’s accomplishments. Here is an idea for that special note. “Congratulations, your hard work and caring attitude is a credit to your ability to succeed as the top sales person in your company. No one deserves it more. You go […] […]