Inside this lovely home the builder greeted us. The designer told him of the dilema. He said, “Well, since you are here let me see what you’ve got.” We walk to the kitchen and I open my portfolio and proceed to show my designs. He looked at the first three sample boards and said, “That’s enough.” I’m thinking, “No! I have so many more, there surely will be something you like. Oh well, it looks like I’m only doing one house in this Parade of Homes.

The builder looked at designer and said, “Let her do anything she wants.” He walked away. Oh my garsh, I was shocked! The designer looks at me and asked if there was something we could do that would be totally different from the house next door.

Looking at the draperies in the dining area I see beautiful flowers. Much more painterly than the fabric I had seen for the house next door. I said, “Absolutely, you’ll have one-of-a-kind.” Then I saw a picture in my mind of a bouquet with a gust of wind blowing some of the flowers up a staircase creating a border. She loved the idea and I love that I get pictures of paintings in my head. Now to my next meeting.

Do you see pictures in your mind’s eye while carrying on a conversation? Pay attention to them. Leave an example in the comment box of how your ideas usually come to you.


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