Day Lilies in Acrylics

As a continuation of my Autumn Art and Jewelry Show I wanted to share one of my new paintings with you. Four new paintings were completed and framed in time for the show. Of course, I always think I can do more. The first one I will share with you is “Tranquility”.

Day lilies, hermerocallis fulva, bloom for only a day. Hermerocallis is from the Greek words meaning  “beautiful” and “day” and fulva meaning “orange”. The flower grows to 4″ across in clusters at the top of a stiff stalk and the leaves can grow twenty to forty  inches long and are some of my favorite to paint. Day lilies are considered a perennial herb and sometimes cooked and eaten in salads in some countries .

If I don’t have enough photographs that seem appropriate for the arrangement I am wanting for my composition I go to the internet for ideas, as well. Working from several photos I kept seeing  an asymmetrical composition in my minds eye. After making my thumbnail sketch I decided to go for it. Someone once asked what color I use the most. I had to say green because whether I am painting flowers or scenery there is always lots of leaves and/or grasses and as much as I enjoy painting flowers I probably paint more leaves. I find leaves to be sometimes as interesting to paint as the blossom itself.

"Tranquility" Day Lilies in Acrylic

"Tranquility" Day Lilies in Acrylic, 21.5" x 23.5"

After getting this painting back from the framer one of my guests commented on how the painting “looked so tranquil”. Well, that comment was the inspiration for the name of this painting, “Tranquility”. Do you have a suggestion for a name you feel is more appropriate for this painting?


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