Spring Quote by Jim Carey


A New Studio Pic

For those who have asked to see more of my studio, here is another view. My webmaster sent a note asking for more current photos. The next day I was reading our HOA Newsletter and a neighbor was looking for someone to take a headshot for his new business card. Another neighbor, a talented photographer replied so […] […]

Wise Words from Martha Beck

This morning I awakened to this in my email box. It is too beautiful not to share. Martha Beck writes books to make you think and that help you grow. It’s a treat to read “Martha’s Daily Inspirations” each morning. So poor yourself a cup of tea and hop on over to her website. “Stop now, […] […]

A Thankful Thanksgiving

The season of non-stop shopping is upon us. With Thanksgiving being in the last week in November our holidays are going to fly by. If you aren’t in overwhelm yet, get ready. That is unless you are better at planning ahead than I am. Every year I vow to have my shopping done before Thanksgiving […] […]

Mickey’s Painting Tips

Problem: Warped watercolor painting 1st Solution: My usual way of flattening warped watercolor paper is to . . . • place painted side down on clean, acid free surface • spray clean water on the back side • smooth the water with a clean brush • cover with another piece of clean acid free paper • place a weight (a stack […] […]

A Mother’s Day Thought

We never know the love of a parent Until we become parents ourselves. And . . . If you think you can’t Love anyone more than your children, Wait until you look into the eyes of your grandchildren And really fall in Love. . . We lost Mom in 1994, she was 62 years young. My guess is this photo was […] […]

Valentine’s Day/Beautiful Memories

  Here is a pleasant little exercise you can do any time. It only takes a few minutes but is sure to bring a smile to your face. Pull out your journal or just a piece of computer paper, colorful, sparkly pens or a pencil and write down things you love. Let me get you stared […] […]

January 2012 Newsletter

A Simple Request—A Fantastic Holiday Surprise! A friend called just before the holidays asking if I could paint glass Christmas ornaments. She wanted 30 for friends, family and co-workers—a tall order in a short time frame. I’ve often painted on glass so it seemed easy enough. It wasn’t quite as easy as I thought by the […] […]

October 2011 Newsletter

October, 2011 September was a busy, creative month on this artistic voyage. Some things that kept me busy . . . • Finalized Broadmoor Resort signage for The Boutique • Finalized Broadmoor Resort signage for the New Broadmoor Holiday Shoppe! • Finalized a Paris theme nursery for a Baby Girl • Ideas Approved for the Broadmoor Resort Children’s Shop • Designs approved […] […]

Wall Pocket Mural

August was yet another busy, creative month on my artistic voyage. I am so blessed to be working with beautiful people. These were the highlights of last month. • Finished murals in the lobby of Dr. Tonia Sabo’s offices in Broomfield, Colorado • Created ideas for signs for The Boutique at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs • […] […]