A Thankful Thanksgiving

photo of Mickey & Bella the malteses

Have a blissful Thanksgiving
from Mickey & Bella

The season of non-stop shopping is upon us. With Thanksgiving being in the last week in November our holidays are going to fly by. If you aren’t in overwhelm yet, get ready. That is unless you are better at planning ahead than I am. Every year I vow to have my shopping done before Thanksgiving so I can totally enjoy the decorating, holiday parties and quiet lunches with girl friends.

So before we head to the mall let’s stop, look around and focus on our blessings. Really concentrate. You’ll be making a lot of purchases in the next few weeks but the one precious gift you cannot purchase is your health. Last week I awakened to a couple of sneezes, then the runny nose and don’t you know a cough ensued. Now that the symptoms are waning and I’ve stopped feeling sorry for myself, (you see I haven’t has a cold in years and I don’t handle it well.) Being under the weather brings up memories of when I wasn’t in good health. In my early twenties it was common for me to have the flu 2-4 times a winter. The thought of my health deteriorating to that level again is frightening.

photo of a cup of hot lemon water

My favorite Christmas mug

My cold symptoms are nearly gone and thoughts of a dear friend who has been dealing with cancer for three years is on my mind. It would be such a blessing to her to have my energy and good health. To go to the grocery after preparing a long grocery list for the Thanksgiving feast. To be able to stand in the kitchen making homemade noodles while sipping hot water with fresh lemon juice from a favorite Christmas mug or perhaps enjoying a glass of wine and taking a break now and then to sit and reflect on the blessings in her life. She actually has mentioned how thankful  she is for a life well-lived.

Do you think my friend wouldn’t give up a Mercedes in the driveway and enough cash to buy a beautiful new home to regain her health? Which would you choose?

Think about what it’s like to wake up feeling refreshed and energetic after having a headache or a cold, doesn’t your health seem like an incredible gift? Good health is not only physical endurance but mental clarity as well.

This holiday season take time to nurture yourself, go easy on the sweets, take your vitamins and eat lots of vegetables. (Like that will happen) Today as you prepare for your Thanksgiving festivities realize that if you have your health, you are very wealthy indeed. If you have reserves of creative energy you are blessed more than many. My wish for you is a holiday season that is filled with laughter, good friends, pleasant nights of rejuvenating sleep and of course good health.



2 comments to A Thankful Thanksgiving

  • Bridget Robson

    Hugs to you MIkey. I’m grateful for my health everyday too, and don’t take it for granted. Just asked Bill yesterday what HE would do if he found out he only had a month to live, and then was told at the end of that month that there was a mistake, and no…you’re not dying. How would the rest of your life change? He just stared at me, and couldn’t answer. But it’s a good question. Not sure anyone can answer it unless they are in that position.
    So blessed to have health and friends, few extra pounds or not, I’m blessed. <3
    Thanks for posting this, and have a wonderful holiday season!

    • Mickey

      So nice to hear from you Bridget, yours was a very good question. Not at all sure how I would a answer it off the top of my head but it certainly is thought provoking. Have a feeling enyones world would change after that. So glad you like the post. Thank you for commenting.

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