Being Quiet, Listening and Creativity

Today I wrote my first guest post on Karen Sanderson’s blog, “The Word Shark”. Hope you enjoy it. Also take a look at Karen’s blog her humor is contagious. Don’t forget to check out her poems.

photo of poppies

The name of this painting is “Crimson Grace”. Acrylic on masonite, 48″ x 24″.

We take on so many roles and it gets complicated and crowded. Most of us keep our lives full. Mine has been that way. It seemed quite “normal” after all – mom raised eight kids and I seldom saw her take a break.

Over the years, it has become abundantly clear to me how important to my creativity it is to be quiet and listen. The more quiet time I allow myself, the calmer my life becomes. Little things have more importance. As strange as it may seem, I get more accomplished. When I work, I’m more focused. And when I play, well, I play. . .


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