Help Me Fix My Boo-Boo?

Photo of Colorado Mural by Mickey Baxter-Spade

A Simple Little Project Escalated Last month I received an email from someone I had met at a networking event several years ago. The subject line read, “help me fix my boo boo?” Renee explained that she had hung several antique bows that had belonged to her husband’s grandfather on a wall which had a faux […] […]

Painting at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs

July was full of painting at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs. This is my seventeenth year painting at the Broadmoor. Although I am only there a few times a year, as I approach the porte cochere at The Broadmoor I am still awestruck by the wonder and beauty of this resort. The month started off with a […] […]

Hand Painted Window Treatment

A Window Treatment that Reflects and Celebrates Your Surroundings Why not bring the outside in? The patio and deck were surrounded by scrub oak, pine trees, flowers and tall grasses. The strong, simple idea of painting scrub oak and ponderosa pine boughs with large pine cones served as my primary inspiration. So down came the heavy […] […]

March Newsletter: Columbines & Poppies

You are a Priority Somewhere on your list of priorities should be you and things that make you smile. For me filling my surroundings with things I love is part of taking care of me. Some of the things I like to surround myself with are photos of family, remembrances of special times and art that I enjoy. Things that […] […]

Columbine & Poppies by Broadmoor Artist Mickey Baxter Spade

Wildflowers in Watercolor I’ve seen it a thousand times but today it’s different. It is as though I see each delicate snow flake falling gracefully onto the already snow-dusted ground. A foggy haze covers the city views. It looks so pristine, even the deer haven’t sauntered by to leave their tracks in the snow. Today is […] […]

Rose Painted on Hardwood Floor, again!

As a follow-up to my previous posting . . . Upon returning home after finishing the painting of the rose on the hardwood floor in the aerobic room at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs I told my husband that, “If I had it to do over – I would have turned the rose around.” You […] […]

American Indian Motif on Hardwood Floor

In addition to painting the surface of the fireplace in the lobby of The Wigwam Resort in Arizona I was also asked to paint American Indian motifs on the hardwood floor in the lobby. Researching American Indian motifs was an interesting study. There were many designs from tribes in the Arizona area. Here are a […] […]

Broadmoor Makeover on the Golf Course

Several years ago I received a call from the President of the Broadmoor Resort asking if I could paint “something” in the women’s restrooms on their Golf Course. It seems the owner’s wife had made the request and he thought maybe “some simple vines or something”. After looking at the restrooms simple vines would not […] […]

Hand Painted Window Treatments

It was autumn when we moved in, I’m sure that influenced the colors I chose for fabrics and the hand painted window treatments. Outside there were scrub oak sporting leaves in warm glorious hues of gold and splendid, deep reds with touches of green. The pine trees made a wonderful contrast with their glorious long, green pine […] […]

Personalized Cards

This blog entry is about the personalized cards ArtisticVoyage designs for businesses as well as individuals. Wholesale pricing is available for orders over $150 . Personalized cards are printed on a textured, glossy, white stock that is very elegant. Here are a few of the cards designed for one of my clients with a testimonial following. […] […]