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Handling Change in Your Life

Do you handle change by kicking and complaining or go with the flow knowing God/the Universe knows best? In response to January’s Newsletter article titled, What’s Holding You Back, a Colorado Springs artist, Telise Rodelv, is going through plenty of changes. Telise is an abstract artist with a diverse background in art. For questions you can contact Telise at Here is what she had to say.

“Sometimes in order to go forward, you have to take a step back – or to the side. To clean house so you can fill it again with new things.

“This past fall and winter, that is exactly what I have been doing with my art life. I closed down my small art gallery, resigned from the Board of Directors at Cottonwood Center for the Arts, and pulled out of their Tejon gallery as well. I am still a very big supporter of the center, but it was taking too much time.

“In early February I was also facing a major surgery. Having lived my life knowing that when one door closes, another one opens, I have experienced great positive changes many times, as long as I was open to the possibilities, they were always there.

“Already several new doors have opened: I am making an abstract ‘installation piece’ at Cottonwood’s first ONLY abstract show – my first time making a three-dimensional free standing piece as well as several paintings.

“And I will be teaching my second successful Modern/Abstract class at Cottonwood as well — my first class was full and they all want to come back. Teaching is so incredible, giving of your knowledge and realizing how much you really know is so wonderful, seeing the light go on in the students and the huge smiles when they finish a piece, priceless!
“‘Art from the Heart’ – it doesn’t get any better. Life is good.”
—Telise Rodelv

What I’ve Been Up to

Last month I was blessed to be painting at the Broadmoor Resort; it is always a joy to be there. The first and more challenging project was a mural above the fireplace in the owner’s office. It isn’t a large office but it is beautifully decorated and the view, oh my, the view… the lake with the lively color of the mallard ducks and graceful, snowy-white swans gliding by, the pristine grounds with the majestic Rock Mountains in the background, spectacular.

Thought you might enjoy this painting by Maxfield Parrish, one of my favorite artists. The Parrish version of the Broadmoor Hotel incorporated all of the elements Spencer Penrose, then the owner, had requested: hotel, lake, mountains, and the dramatic intensity of color. The oil painting was completed in 1921 at the artist’s studio in Vermont. As you can see Mr. Parrish took some artistic liberty by rearranging the actual landscape. It took some convincing on Parrish’ part but as it turned out Penrose loved it and used it on many promotional items.

Some of my newest creations

And just for fun…

Dear Mickey,
For we “want a be” artists, do you think that people either “have it” or that we “don’t have it” when it comes to art? —Deborah N.

Hi Deborah,
One of the comments I get most often after someone sees me painting is, “I can’t draw a straight line” or “I can’t even draw stick people.” With a smile on my face my response is, “I just practiced longer than you, that’s all.”
We all have the ability to create art. Usually you’ll be attracted to one medium over others (at least in the beginning) and spend more time learning and practicing. The more time we spend at anything, the better we get.

When I was learning brush strokes in my early twenties I would sit in front of the TV with a liner brush and paint, over and over again I painted C-stokes, S-strokes, straight lines and circles. Then I would do the same strokes with a corner loaded square shader brush until I got the paint to blend just right. That little exercise is the reason people who watch me paint say that I make it look so easy. It wasn’t always easy.

Artists who have devoted their lives to their craft, and little else, create the pieces found in museums. So if you want to excel at being a painter, sculptor, poet, gourmet cook, marathon runner, etc. there is only one sacrifice – P R A C T I C E.

Bella’s Insights

Hi everybody! I’m Baaaack

Well I got to be mom’s assistant again but only for a couple of days. It seems they were still doing some painting and staining in the office where we were working and mom thought my delicate little body might not handle it well, hmmph. While I was there I kept very busy. Those Canada Geese came right up out of the water like they were going to knock on the door or something but I scared them off Big Time, no worries mom.

I’m keeping this short and sweet this time because mom talked to much already. Hey, how did you like that pic of me with my halo glowing, heh, heh, heh. Mom said the only time my halo shows is when I’m sleeping ~ guess she might be right.

Ta ta for now,

Bella, the Adventurer



3 comments to May Newsletter

  • Happy Monday, Mickey!!!!!!!! I just received your July Newsletter via email and was moved to comment. So, this comment is for July, not May.

    Beautiful and brilliant!!!! A marvelous reflection of the author–YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your summer and keep shining your bright light for all of us!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mickey

      Hi Linda, just found a couple of comments that I wasn’t aware of. I believe I emailed you directly when I got the email notice of a comment. Regardless, thank you so much for reading my little newsletter. The thought were certainly from the heart. Such a tragic time for so many. Hope you had a wonderful 2013 and Happy Turkey Day!

  • This darling newsletter is a prime example of your ‘practicing’! I really love that you have found your voice, and Bella’s.
    You two bring big smiles to me!
    Much love,

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