January Newsletter

What is holding you back?

The sun has set on 2012. For those of us who feel we never accomplish enough, let’s look at distractions and procrastination. Perhaps you’ve been putting off that painting you’ve been thinking about but haven’t yet touched your brush to the canvas, the book rolling around in your head for years without having made an attempt at writing the first line, the class you put off because you think you are too busy, maybe you’ll have more time next year, or not. I have kept myself busy but not nearly as productive as I have been in the past.

If you have been reading my newsletter for a while you may be aware that l lost my husband nearly six years ago. We had a lovely, romantic courtship. Bob and I traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, California, Oregon, Florida, Georgia and Indiana.

Being an entrepreneur himself he was supportive of my artistic voyage and the dreams I had for my business. It was nice having someone to toss ideas back and forth with, someone to offer opinions primarily from a business perspective.

A few months after our wedding Bob became ill and a year later he was gone. My excuse for holding myself back was in the form of grieving. I thought I had moved through a lot of my grieving but I knew I hadn’t been as motivated as in the past. What was going to inspire me to move on with my work? I’m sure you have heard the old adage “God/the universe works in mysterious ways.”

In the late summer of 2012 a very intuitive gentleman entered my life, he is a dancer but has no interest in dance competitions just lots of fun, laughter and engaging conversations. He encouraged me to get back to pursuing the things I love. He was intuitive enough to see that I had been “stuck” and then gently reminded me that it was time, time to share God’s gift that gives me pleasure, challenges, and above all joy . . . my painting. He said my painting isn’t just for me but for those to whom my paintings bring a smile. Blessed I am to still have my health, a supportive family, dear friends, loyal clients and a new dance partner. Here’s of pic taken during the band’s break at the Broadmoor Resort, my new dance partner, Dan, and my dear friend Jo, Bella’s Buddy.

Do you have something distracting you from your dreams? Well, think about this. . .

“Some people go through life trying to find out what the world holds for them only to find out too late that it’s what they bring to the world that really counts.” ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

What are we waiting for? 2013 is upon us and we’re not getting any younger. Let’s pause to reflect upon our accomplishments, give thanks for our blessings, love shared and begin the New Year renewed and inspired. Step back with new eyes, without judgment, and be objective about what worked in the past and what hasn’t worked. Have the confidence to take a risk and the grace to pull it off will come.

Please share how you decided to take your first step. I’ll post your response in the next newsletter to inspired others to take their first step.

Christmas 2012

My new hand painted heirloom ornaments were delivered to the Broadmoor for their Christmas season. Christmas has always been one of my favorite seasons and painting these ornaments has brought much joy so each one is brimming with of love.


Orders for personalized ornaments have been coming in as well – Here is one finished just in time for Christmas giving. This painting of a dear pet who passed on will be on future trees as a reminder of the joy he brought to his family.
Recent Mural Project

This is a short video of a mural I finished recently. What fun media room this will be. My clients wanted a brilliant sunrise with billowy clouds and trees. They were pleasantly surprised to find playful critters frolicking among the tree limbs.

Click here to view the video.

Where do you get your ideas for your murals? — Suzanne

The ideas for a mural can vary. If I’m working with a designer she/he often has a theme, style and color pallet in mind. However I don’t mind if that is left to me, especially if I am working directly with a client. They often prefer I come up with ideas for them. I like to spend time in the space to be painted, take pics of the room and fabrics and get a feel for the environment. Then I sit and talk with the client and ask questions. In most cases I keep the style similar to what is already in the room and create a harmonizing pallet.

It is never a problem to go into more detail with your questions. Just email another and I will continue. Thanks for asking.

Bella’s Insight

Hi Everybody! Mom really needs to write more often but what can I say, she isn’t good about listening to me. We had a great fall this year. We did lots of hiking, walks and going to the park. I have a new friend and the first hike we took (not knowing I had hiked some pretty long trails) he came prepared. Heh, heh, take a look at this pic – I think I’m going to like this guy.

For my Christmas vacation I went to my little get-a-way retreat for a few days while mom visited family. I didn’t mind. You remember Jo and Mike, they love me a bunch and I get to do all the barking I want at their house, including barking at that rottweiler next door. He doesn’t even bark back at me any more – guess he knows who’s boss. HA!

Jo puts a chair by the window in her bedroom so I can make sure the dogs across the road don’t get too close, a chair by the window in the living room so I can guard the front door and she never forgets to put my step stool by the bed so I can rest whenever I want.

Every day Mike lets me show him the way to the mail box and I make sure I say “Hi” to all the neighbors. What a busy week I had. It was a working vacation for me but I was glad to see Mom come back.

I decided to make sure mom was okay that first night back and I slept on her bed. It is very comfy. You know, she said that I snore – silly woman, dogs don’t snore.

Life is an adventure,
Bella ~



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