Glorious Colorado Scenery

Today I’m taking an extra hour or so on my deck to reflect on how grateful I am to be living in such a beautiful area of the world. The radiant colors of the Colorado sunrises can take your breath away, sunsets dazzle with a pallet of pinks, oranges and purples and the merciful breezes blow over the mountain tops on our ninety degree days to lessen the heat from the intense rays of the sun. Last night as the luminous crescent moon was dropping behind Pikes Peak one had the impression that the incredible display was for your eyes only. Such a pleasant vision to have before turning out the lights and going to bed.

My work is picking up, for which I am giving thanks. Next week I begin what will be a month long project and as time allows I have several small projects to pleasantly distract me mentally in other directions of creativity. Life is great and getting better. That little statement is on one of my bookmarks and I haven’t said that for several years now. Even in this down economy I am feeling how true it is. I believe what we think about most comes to us, so why would we focus on the negative? What good does it bring?¬† Well having said that I have to tell what my husband would have said to that, “Well, who am I talking to today, Polly or Anna?”

Since I’ve been rambling on about how beautiful Colorado is and in particular Colorado Springs I thought I would insert a photo of some Colorado scenery I painted in a Colorado cabin.

Colorado Scenery painted in a Mountain Cabin


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