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Recently I subscribed to  Kate Harper’s Blog. What a fun and creative person she is. Kate is a very successful greeting card designer and she collects mail art from around the world based on the theme: “Imaginary Word, Imaginary Definition”. If you would like to participate . . .  Your Goal: Make up an imaginary word and make up a definition for it, and make it into a piece of art.  Normally I don’t take the time for things like this but I love looking at her art and for whatever reason “Flutterby” popped into my head along with a definition. Here is what I sent her. It appeared on her blog today.

"Flutterby" Card submitted to Kate Harper

I probably should have added: “until one of you is exhausted enough to fall asleep.”

KATE’S OFFER: For anyone who sends her mail art on this theme, she will mail you a piece of her mail art.

Mail your mail art to:
Kate Harper Mail Art, POB 2112, Berkeley CA 94702
Remember to include your return address if you want mail art sent back to you.

Here is what I received from Kate today. How fun!

Card from Kate Harper


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