Broadmoor Tile Installation

During a renovation at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs I was asked to paint simple designs on porcelain tiles that were to be in stalled on the risers of a newly constructed exterior staircase. 

Having taught freehand design on ceramics and porcelain for many years I thought this would be a pleasant change of pace from climbing scaffold and ladders.

Blueprints were sent to me so I would have exact dimensions. I did the layout on the computer to determine the sizes needed. Then the prototypes were created and scanned into the computer, sized and positioned to fit the staircase. A full color computer printout was also a very professional way to show the layout and design to the architect. The tile installers had an exact layout for installation as well. The project included over one thousand tiles.

In retrospect . . . I remember, while working in the Marketing department at Fort Carson, I was sent to Denver for a computer class. On the drive to Denver I was thinking what a waste of time and energy it was for me to learn computer software when all I wanted to do was paint on walls. It turns out that my computer skills have helped me in every aspect of my business, to include this tile project.

Have you found there have been times in your life when you resisted doing something only to find out that it was a blessing in disguise? Please leave a comment about a similar blessing in your life.


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