Broadmoor Arch Golf Pro Shop

After the first of the four arches was installed I was asked hand paint an arch directing guests to the Golf Pro Shop. This arch needed to coordinate to the first one but different enough to keep the room interesting. Two items to be incorporated into the design were the Pro Shop logo and a snake wrapped around a golf club. My first question was, “Do you want the snake to look realistic, cute, cartoonish?” The response, “Realistic.”

The logo was easy, it needed to be the focal point. The golf club with a snake was more challenging, only because a lot of people don’t particularly like snakes. Since this would be in a high-traffic area I wanted to find a snake whose coloring would blend into the design. So off to the library I went.¬†

The research I do for my projects is one of the things that keeps me interested in painting murals. It seems there is a semi-albino diamondback rattlesnake indigenous to Colorado. I painted this snake wrapped around a golf club like the stylistic club in the logo to tie it all together. The geometrical design in the first arch was then re-designed to fit this arch. They would be similar but not identical. Below are photos of this project. Have you done some interesting research for a project you’ve worked on? Tell me about it in the comment box. Take a voyage on my website for lots more mural projects, fine art, note cards and bookmarks.


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