Which Path to Follow

Our Chosen Paths Life is full of paths. We could consider each path we’ve taken as a new chapter in our life. My chosen directions have impacted my life in ways that created magical chapters that beg for reminiscing, while other choices were . . . I was going to say, not so wise but that […] […]

Winter is Softly Departing

We’ve had an unseasonably cold winter in Georgia. It seems the narcissuses I planted last spring are pretty daring. This photo was taken at the end of January after one of our cold spells. These little rascals are downright spunky. They made it through the freezes. In Georgia, winter has softly departed. I am thoroughly enjoying the […] […]

That Time Between Autumn and Winter . . .

—Adapted from writings by McKenna Kaelin The Month of Remembrance At an early age, I was kidnapped by the love of flowers. A love that continues today. One of the earliest photos of myself was taken at my aunt and uncle’s farm, in Indiana, with a stem of hollyhocks in hand. While painting a wall of six-foot-tall flowers at […] […]

Colorado Painting Journey

Summer is leaving silently. Much like a traveler approaching the end of an amazing journey. —Darnell Lamont Walker     The beauty of Colorado remains at the forefront of my mind as I write. Six weeks of painting, dancing, and enjoying the company of dear friends. It just doesn’t get better than that. In my previous newsletter, I mentioned Bob and Donni’s master bath […] […]

Blunders & Absurdities

Have you ever missed a deadline? Well, I did. I have three paintings started, none of which are far enough along to finish in time for a show I planned to enter. In the Spring I get caught up in the search for just the right flowers for my yard. A good and fun example […] […]

Wishing You & Yours a Christmas full of Wonder!


Spring Quote by Jim Carey


Spring Quote by Ernest Hemingway


Gardens, Butterflies, and Paintings

Even more so than the warming temperatures the joy of Spring, for this artist, is the newness everywhere you look. Everything is fresh and vibrant. Each day there is amazing growth of trees and plants to behold. Creating a painting is not unlike a butterfly struggling to shed its cocoon, growing flowers, or growing our […] […]

About that little grandson of mine with the zebra . . .

mural with juvenile jungle animals.

Someone emailed and thought that my #2 grandson beside the zebra below was a recent photo. This is a current photo taken last week when he stopped by to retrieve his painting which was on loan for my Open House. He’s grown to be a very cool young man. […]