A Simple Way to Enjoy Your Holidays

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Martha Beck’s Newsletter or Blog you are missing a lot. She also sends out a Daily Inspiration. Today’s is quite apropos . . .

“Now Try This! During the next few weeks, observe yourself compassionately, like a professional chess player watching a three-year-old learn the moves. Notice when you become stressed, manic, demanding, anxious, or seized by any of the other emotions that fly around with such vigor during the holiday season. The moment you take the observer’s stance, you will already feel the beginning of peace. Remain in compassionate witness mode for as long as five minutes, and you will feel more peace than not-peace. Stay there for half an hour, and you can generate enough calm to carry you through the whole day. If you happen to fall off the wagon, simply observing that you’ve fallen will immediately return you to the compassionate witness’s unflappable calm.  ~  The Magic of Staying Calm, No Matter What


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