Nostalgic Painting

Tweet Painting requests often lead me in search of things I normally might not come across. Often this makes for interesting reading and I get to paint things I may not otherwise have considered painting. A Nostalgic Painting Several years ago my first grandson graduated from college with a teaching degree. After teaching teens at risk, the opportunity […] […]

July Newsletter

Tweet Being Thankful for All That Was This is the third post in the series of my experiences after reading and completing the exercises in Julia Cameron’s books, The Artist Way and The Vein of Gold. To reiterate this all took place in the mid to late 1990’s. Continuing to do many of the exercises from The Artist […] […]

June Newsletter

Tweet Discovering that Vein of Gold Our Artist Way and The Vein of Gold (VOG) group met and studied Julia’s Cameron’s work years ago. Perhaps I should have reviewed The Vein of Gold before writing but I chose to write from memory. In retrospect the assignments in The VOG made me dig deeper than ever before but […] […]

May Newsletter

Tweet Nurture and Spark Your Artist Within In 1992 Julia Cameron introduced many of us to The Artist’s Way. That year I joined a group of ten women facilitated by a dear friend. We met weekly until we completed the book and the exercises. Our group of eleven bonded so deeply that we continued to meet monthly […] […]

March Newsletter

Tweet Convincing a Child that Moving is a Good Thing There was still snow on the ground when I received a call from a client I hadn’t heard from in several years. The family was having a new home built and their seven year old daughter didn’t want to leave her home. Her mother convinced her she […] […]

September Newsletter

Tweet Mural for a 3 Year Old Ricky B’s Room One of my favorite things is painting children’s rooms. Ricky B just turned three and his room is complete. He has a giant tree that continues onto the ceiling forming a canopy that covers over twenty-five percent of his ceiling. A squirrel peeks down at Miley the family’s […] […]

July Newsletter

Tweet Take Responsibility for the Energy You Bring to Your Workspace 1. Before You Enter Your Work Space, Set an Intent Everyday be thankful for the person you are and for having a passion to follow. Remind yourself how important it is not to waste one day of your life. Your intent might be “to be productive”, or […] […]

May Newsletter

Tweet Handling Change in Your Life Do you handle change by kicking and complaining or go with the flow knowing God/the Universe knows best? In response to January’s Newsletter article titled, What’s Holding You Back, a Colorado Springs artist, Telise Rodelv, is going through plenty of changes. Telise is an abstract artist with a diverse background in […] […]

August 2012 Newsletter

Tweet What are Your Most Treasured Possessions? July turned out to be a month of getting my mind wrapped around what is truly necessary and needed in my life. No one’s life is without difficulties. It seems that if money is no issue then there are problems concerning health, issues with family or relationships, problems at work […] […]

June 2012

Tweet Poppies & Iris Mural Trompe l’oell planter filled with 3 ft. tall flowers Anytime I can paint tall glorious flower murals I am happy. Another thing that makes me happy is repeat clients. Several years ago I was commissioned to paint a master bedroom. The room was painted a wonderful, rich gold with an accent wall above […] […]

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