Artist Statements

Flowers that Last Forever

While I am painting, a joyful warmth washes over me. When I finish I often feel that little giggle inside, like a playful child who feels she has “gotten away with something”. She knows she wasn’t alone while she was painting. With all that nature has endowed us, flowers intrigue me most. Once I choose a subject, I enjoy taking an abundance of photos from several angles. Through the camera lens you see the most intricate detail. I am in awe at the magnificence found in a single blossom. The delicate shapes, the variations in color and the sunshine creating translucent petals and intriguing shadows make for a challenging painting. Of course, there also needs to be a few birds, bugs and a bee to add a bit of whimsey. My wish for those who view my painting is that it brings a smile to their face, a tear to their eye or perhaps . . . a little giggle. When this happens, my work is complete.

Contemporary Creativity


ontemporary art has beckoned me for some time. This past year has been a time of many changes, tremendous personal growth and a time to explore different avenues of art. The appeal of collage, in particular, brings forth the freedom of not being restricted to forms or shapes, with texture adding a new element of interest. Contemporary art evokes feelings, thoughts and emotions which direct the form versus catering to a form. Putting it another way, it’s when your paintbrushes are free to dance across the paper, twirling from one puddle of color into another. It’s almost musical. For this reason I have named this series after some of my favorite dances. Art is not so much about what ends up on the canvas as it is about the process. For me creativity in any form is a release, an expression in and of itself, a connection to something beyond our understanding, something that connects us all. I hope you enjoy your dance through the Contemporary Collage series.