Artist Statements

Flowers that Last Forever

While painting, a joyful warmth washes over me. Upon finishing I feel a little giggle inside, like a frolicking child who senses she has “gotten away with something quite special”. She knows she wasn’t alone while she was creating. Playful angels were watching over her shoulder, guiding her blissful brushes. A slight feeling of guilt tickles her mind because she knows only she will get credit for her new work of art.

With all that nature has endowed us, flowers intrigue me most. As a preschooler, I remember visiting my grandparents home. The front porch was lined with pots of colorful flowers and tall ferns and a big white swing with pretty, soft cushions to sit on.

Out back, past the tool shed and the garage, was a glorious garden with rows of radiant flowers. I remember the fragrances as I walked between the rows of purple and white iris’, red and yellow zinnias, tall pink gladiolas, golden marigolds, and sunflowers with their huge blooms smiling down at me. After my garden venture, I walked a limestone path to the back door passing two wooden barrels with holes in the sides. Peeking out of those holes were violas and “chickens”. How I admired those barrels . . . but why did they call them chickens?

As an adult, I enjoy photographing flowers from many angles. Through the camera lens, I see the most intricate detail, awestruck by the magnificence of a single blossom. The contrast of colors and sunshine creating translucent petals and intriguing shadows make for challenging compositions. Of course, sometimes there needs to be a bird, a few bugs, and always a bumble bee to add a bit of whimsey.

My wish for you who view my paintings is that a smile brightens your face or . . . a little giggle warms your heart. When this happens, my work is complete.


Abstract Art

Abstract art has beckoned me for some time. It evokes feelings, thoughts, and emotions which direct the form versus catering to a form. Putting it another way, it’s when your brushes are free to dance across the paper, waltzing from one puddle of color into another. It’s musical – it makes me feel like dancing. For this reason, I have named this series after some of my favorite dances.

Art is not so much about what ends up on the canvas as it is about the process. For me, creativity in any form is a release, an expression in and of itself, a connection to something beyond our understanding, something that connects us all. I hope you enjoy your dance through my Abstract series.